Hourly Off Site 

1st Hour
After 1st Hour
24 Hr Day
Additional Day
2-4 Days
7 Days
Month Oct-Mar
Single Sea Kayak $18.50 $9.25 $69 $38 $108 $222 $300
Double Sea Kayak $25.00 $12.50 $94 $52 $145 $300 $375
Single Sit-On-Top $14.00 $7 $53 $29 $81 $168 $295
Double Sit-On-Top $16.00 $8 $60 $33 $93 $192 $325
 Stand Up Paddle Board  $15.00  $7.50 N/A  N/A N/A  N/A  N/A 
Canoe $18.50 $9.25 $69 $38 $108 $222 $300
Voyageur Canoe $80.00 $80 (2 hour minimum, reservation required)
Dry Suit & Neoprene Booties $29 minimum
$29 $16 $58 $106 $225
Canoe & kayak hourly rentals are for use from a Center on the surrounding waterways.  Off-site rentals are those where you drive your rental to a paddling destination away from our boathouse.

All rentals require the following:
• All renters must read and sign a waiver each calendar year
• All persons must wear a life jacket.
• Must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by an adult
• Minors under 18 must have a signed parent permission and waiver in advance unless their parent is present
• Renters are responsible for lost or stolen equipment
• Our staff must be comfortable with your pa
ddling skills in the boats and conditions of the day
• Our staff reserves the right to refuse rental service to anyone
• After Closing a $30 Per Hour late fee will apply
• Please note: We will close during inclement weather when we determine conditions are not safe. All prices & hours are subject to change without notice


Additional Off-site Rental Requirements
Kayak Off-Site Rentals include PFD, boat, paddles, skirt, pogies, pump, & paddle float.  Helmets for surf kayaks.
• Canoe Off-site Rentals include PFDs, boat& paddles.
• We must approve your destination and you are not allowed to paddle our rental boats at a different location.  Rentals are for the Puget Sound, easy slow-moving rivers up to class 1/2 and lakes.  Faster moving rivers, ocean and surf zones are not acceptable (except for surf kayaks).
• You must have the expertise to paddle in the conditions you are headed for and be able to demonstrate appropriate skills.  Skills include boat control strokes, rescues, and the ability to paddle in wind and currents.  (Successful completion of Cascade instruction
al programs is one way to satisfy this requirement)
• You must provide vehicle racks that we approve.  Racks must include 2 cross bars that are rated for the weight of your rental boat, cradles or foam blocks to protect the boat and your vehicle, straps to secure the boat to each rack and tie downs from both ends of the boat to a secure point on your vehicle.

Paddle After Work
Bring your company, department or civic organization for a wonderful evening paddle after work.  Spend a couple of hours unwinding and exploring Lake Washington, and relaxing and enjoying the companionship of your fellow workers in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.
Make your reservation for evening paddles Monday through Thursday, 2-hour minimum, pay for a minimum of 6 boats as a single transaction and receive 25% off the normal rental cost.  It’s great for body mind and spirit.

Winter Paddling  
We have Pogies! From October through March, at our Bellevue Center, we include Pogies paddling mitts with your rental - to keep you hands toasty warm!
Please note: We will close during inclement weather when we determine conditions are not safe. All prices & hours are subject to change without notice.

Rental Reservations:
We take reservations for offsite rentals out of our Redmond  location. We also take reservations for large groups. Otherwise, we operate as first come first serve.         

Ski-to-Sea Rentals:
We offer fast canoes and kayaks to rent for the Ski-to-Sea race.  We require that all paddlers using our boats complete our Ski-to-Sea Prep Class (usally offered in march)before renting.  This is a one-time requirement.  Once you have completed the class, you can rent a boat in subsequent years without retaking the course.

Year Passes
If you will be paddling at our Centers frequently, a Pass may save you money and time!  A Pass is your ticket to unlimited boat and kayak ergometer rentals for specific hours – all weekdays and weekend mornings.  It also entitles you to big discounts for lessons!
Good for all rental canoes & kayaks, based on availability
Good at both locations
Good for 12 months
Paddling times: All hours we’re open
20% off regular price on all lessons*
20% off off-site rentals
Individual Pass    $225 (limited to singles boats)
Family Pass    $385
Individual passes are for adults 18 years and older and are limited to solo boats.  Family memberships include members of the immediate family living in the same household and limited to two adults.  An adult family member must accompany minor family members.
*Does not include racing and conditioning programs