Redmond Paddlesports Shop

Hours:  11am - 7pm Every Day!

We are located in Redmond at 15143 NE 90th St.

Why Buy from us?

Expert staff to help you make a decision
Whether it’s a canoe or kayak, paddle or dry suit, our expert staff, who are great paddlers and have evaluated our gear, are there to help you find the equipment that’s right for you. 

Cascade Upgrade/Trade In:
Purchase a roto-molded kayak or Royalex canoe from us, keep it in acceptable condition and exchange it within 2 years for a new composite kayak or canoe and receive full credit of your original purchase towards your new boat.  Upgrades of more heavily used or older boats will be considered at a reduced credit.

Cascade’s Paddling Equipment
Cascade offers top-performing equipment for the paddling enthusiast and beginner alike.  We offer state-of-the art canoes as light as 30 lbs and kayaks as light as 25 pounds.  Our paddles are the best designed as well as lightest and strongest made. While lightweight equipment comes with a higher cost, our experience is that with better equipment our customers get on the water more frequently and find greater adventures.
We also recognize that not everyone is prepared to make the commitment to purchase top-performing equipment.  So, while still focusing on value, we also offer a wide variety of lower priced and well-designed alternatives.  All the canoes and kayaks available from Cascade are great boats to paddle, and perform very well in the conditions for which they are designed.  
Most are still relatively lightweight – Canoes up to 60 pounds and single kayaks up to 65 pounds – so they’re still easy to carry and load on your vehicle.  With proper care our canoes and kayaks will provide countless years of paddling enjoyment.  We stock the best performing equipment along with modestly-priced gear that still performs well.

Cascade Rental/Demo
Most of the canoes & kayaks we offer for sale are available in our rental/demo fleet at our Renton and Enatai locations.  Our expert staff can help you narrow the choices and then encourage you to spend some time paddling your first choice or two.  The Cascade Rental/Demo program offers you the opportunity to take the time you need to make your decision.  Rent your canoe or kayak for demo and keep your receipts, including rental from instructional programs.  When you’re ready to purchase your new regularly priced canoe or kayak, present your receipts and we’ll apply your full rental amount to your purchase.  Receipts must be for the current year and the type of boat you purchase – canoe, single kayak, tandem kayak.
Up to $200 in dry suit rentals applied to your purchase of a new dry suit.

Cascade Exchange
For those who are just getting started in paddlesports or on a limited budget and want to have the option to upgrade to a composite canoe or kayak in the future, we offer the Cascade Exchange.  When you purchase a new roto-molded kayak or Royalex canoe form us, you can upgrade to a composite and we’ll credit the full value of your original purchase towards your new boat.  You must keep your original receipt, keep your boat in good condition and make your exchange within 2 years of your original purchase.


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